Or should I say: I had hemorrhoids? All in May 2000 began. Shortly after my 40th birthday, I had blood in the stool, however, at this time, I had still no pain. I figured only normal er white with hemorrhoids to my 50th, but nothing is spared. Of course I was looking up immediately a doctor who has prescribed me various ointments and creams and in the event that I do get pain, I should sign promptly in him. 4 weeks after my first visit to the doctor the pain started, I could no longer sleep at night and during the day I had to torture me around on the work. The doctor could tell me anything of course and only said that hemorrhoids 2nd degree not surgery. With this statement I gave me satisfied for now, but it was just getting worse and everything was a torture for me. 3 years have gone by and I have tried lots of creams and ointments, but nothing has helped.

Really nothing. Finally I have visited a faith healer, especially with Hemorrhoids knows and phenomenal successes could present. At least not with me. After 15 sessions we have cancelled the whole thing, because it has not beaten and with me no improvement was seen. But he gave me a tip. Sitz baths in Aloe Vera. That helped some but not very long, and the old pain came back.

Another 4 years went to the country, until my doctor wanted to operate on me. After the surgery, I felt good for the first time and I had no complaints no less than 5 weeks. Then they came back and made my life hell. I felt the pain this time much worse than before and this time I really pulled all the stops. It has been tested all searchable. Again without success. About 2 years ago a friend on the 3-step method of Huber brought to my attention. At first I was very skeptical, because on the Internet are mostly “charlatans”, but I thought to myself that I have nothing more to lose, and in the book maybe something unknown in there is me. So it was to my er damming, then also and after about 10 I had no more discomfort for days. Anyway, it was the best decision for me this book to buy, after all what I have gone through and experienced. When I think about how much pain and grief have caused me the hemorrhoids and how easy I got off it, I have to laugh in retrospect. Life has me again I’m a happier person and this can be noticed not only my wife or my employer, but viewing also it me! I feel like a new person!