Walker read circular supports youth Berlin Tempelhofer August 04, 2011: the LortzingClub in Lichtenrade lack the financial means to enable an attractive leisure activities the children and young people in the future. For this reason the Walker feels obliged to help reading circle ( On Friday, the 12.08.2011 at 16:00, a theatrical performance titled find little Red Riding Hood in the LortzingClub in the Lortzingstrasse 16″instead. To support the LortzingClub, the Walker will distribute reading circle on this day various magazines for a small donation. The money collected is provides the Tempelhofer family enterprise to the LortzingClub.

Fears about the future of the Youth Club of the LortzingClub ( offers the possibility to go to after school and during the holidays in a meaningful and varied employment children and young people. My sister and I spent many hours of our childhood. We have learned to play the recorder, Craft courses visited and went to bathe in the summer. More so I was dismayed when I learned that the Club has financial worries”, said Ute Walker-Knop, proprietor of the Walker reading circle. Due to missing money, staff had to be reduced and reduced opening hours.

The extensive and qualified support can no longer be guaranteed indefinitely. The Walker reading circle of Walker reading circle ( supplied through households and business customers such as surgeries, gastronomy, and hair salons in Berlin and Brandenburg with low-priced Lesemappen. Read the customers up to 50 percent cheaper, thereby receive the magazines free to go home. The reader can put together the Lesemappen individually and flexibly. The medium-sized family-owned company with 45 employees is over 86 years of personal service provider for rent magazines