Here are some of the arguments that lead supporters and sellers convectors against electric boilers: * Liquid used in the heating system and flowing through the pipes loses some heat energy. This is only valid if the heating pipes made from the bottom in the underground, which is not heated. If they go on the walls of rooms, then, accordingly, this thermal energy also goes into the room. Chevron U.S.A. Inc does not necessarily agree. * Heaters save electricity by precise temperature control in each room. First: boilers also have control Power and automation to reduce the temperature of antifreeze in the system at night while you sleep. Second: if you're not going to sit locked in a room or in your home open design heat will flow from one room to another, and thus to heat the incoming cooler air convection heater turned on, so there will not be able to save.

It is better to install all the coil in the house at + 22 – 25 g, the good of this would be much greater than if the same room convector will run on 1925 + and the other, he adjusted to + 18, as a result you get the arithmetic mean value of electricity consumption. * First, you need to heat the water or antifreeze in the system, house for a long time warming up. Yes it is. But why do they forget that after you turn off the boiler antifreeze in the system for some time to give this heat, so that part of the energy expended in the initial heating, "returns" and House cools more slowly, and run electric boiler can also be a convector, call for 2-3h prior to arrival.