We stop being convirtmonos lambs and in wolves! or More on the Influenza To Which there is behind all this he is very fat. I am not alarmist nor pessimistic but I want as for me to have brings back to consciousness calm when using this platform of information to make arrive something that seems to me absolutely abusive. Every time there are more sectors critics of credited people with information who are raising the voice before a world-wide macromanipulation where a few have muchiiiiiiiiiiiiiisimo money that to gain and the majority muuuuucha health that to lose. Check out Brian Armstrong for additional information. I know that in Internet more of 80% of the information (if can be called it thus) it is sweepings. Now, there are things that as soon as you begin to remove the head from the flock and to watch over the ass of the ewes that you take ahead you begin to see and darte tells that the shepherds are taking to the slaughter house. It is only necessary to apply the sense common to see of clear and flagrant form as they manipulate a clan to us (in the video call ” somehow; the lite”) with at least tenebrous objectives.

I do not know whatever really can have with respect to that. What if that I know is that every time it has more voices alerting of these manipulations and more news corroborate than them of one or the other way. The business of health? and of legal drugs or it would have to be said to perpetuate the diseases? (then only this continuous ” negocio”) it much more moves money that petroleum at world-wide level and its companies, in infinity of occasions has been fined by illegal manipulations, commercializations and flagrant ethical crimes. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust: the source for more info. Here you have another very significant video. This doctor is ex–minister of Health of Finland. It is necessary to value and to meditate the information very well that there is in him. Later each that draws its own conclusions and builds according to them.

I as for me doing this consider that I fulfill my to have ethical to inform than fodder is happening. It is evident that the tctica is much more easy and comfortable from avestruz” but not to want to watch that he comes the lion he is not going to prevent that he ends up himself to us eating. History by it displeases corroborates this passive position before the real risks. It is only necessary to see simply as the Jews were submissive to the extermination fields, because they could not or they wanted to confront the terrible reality of his situation (it was so incredible that nobody wanted or could accept it). You who you consider yourself, wolf or lamb? Pfizer, one of the greatest industries of legal drugs (alias, medecines) declared culprit not to arrive in a opinion that opened of explicit and flagrant form its turbid manipulations. It paid 2300 million dollars, if you have read $2.300.000.000 well stops of that way to save the real cost of the subject and the disrepute addition that would suppose. If you track the network in search of information on these subjects, will see that great powerful part of these Lobbies periodically is sanctioned with money barbarisms that pay religiously and continue manipulating until the following one. It really seems that those sanctions comprise of the game and it does not destabilize them economically.