Passo Fundo for very little is not worse in denounces Them to the health against the rendering of services in the area of the Health in Passo Fundo, was not baseless. In the interminable lines during the most frozen dawns the RX of what it would finish for coming to tona. Our aged ones interviewed for RBS TV, had registered a consumed profile of a tired people and looser for the indifference. How much to the too much gauchos and gauchos of this querncia the indignation ahead of the impotence. It was enough to give a time here it is and that they start to appear the first constataes of that the current administration Dipp Ceconello leaves to desire in what she says respect to the health of the passofundenses! To be enters the worse cities of the state to invest in the health is at least constrangedor! Worse of what to exhibit this undesirable one and stained rank, amongst all the headquarters is to certify of a time for all the incapacity to manage resources and to prove definitively the respect lack stops with the society. It is not possible that if it allows the continuity of so great indifference! It is enough these that of maken a mistake form play with the public health! Where it is the credencia Health department that connivent managers with declared one and disturbing situation! She will be necessary to review with the maximum urgency these sectors that disturb the public order and stain our community.

According to Court of Accounts of Estado (TCE-RS) Passo Fundo occupies position 434 amongst the 496 cities of the Rio Grande Do Sul. The city invested to 16.30% of the R$ 647 million collected in the folder of health, destining R$ 105,5 million. The minimum allowed for law is of 15% of the collection. Fact this, that here between us, is a national shame in full week of the native land! Jose Berton Journalist and writer