Sexy styled towards the Sun with the summer accessories by Verlocke! So, summer begins bright colors and sexy outfits. The shorter the dresses the longer the days and to welcome the summer woman leaves not only the wardrobe in the Center. Also playing with the hair is a must this year. The accessories are feminine and romantic by Verlocke!, with those in the nu enchanting and alluring hairstyles for a trip to the beach or to the bar can be conjured up. The braid band braidME XXL”invites you with its incredible length of 1.5 meters to try and create. The braid band discretion to the bun can be bound or stuck creative in her own hair through the elastic closure. The 15 mm-wide art hair band is available in 5 natural colours and thus a charming hair decorations for each type. Special eye-catchers are also colourful forehead and hair bands this summer.

With Loren playful hair band”offers Verlocke! some beautiful variations of different colors and patterns for imaginative creations from the own idea box. Whether in the fifties is something flair with colorful dots, or in the casual jeans look for every style. Aloha flowers are especially delightful”. With this playful hair accessories in the beautiful flower design woman, her hair gives a special radiance. Whether a large flower in the assembled hair or multiple small flowers in the open, curly mane, the selection of different colors, shapes and sizes allow plenty of room for naughty and Verlocke! beaches Dressups. “MSRP: hair band Loren” 4.95 hair clip “Luana” 7.95