The lack of information about when and as they were built the pyramids of Egypt and different versions, these make a delicious mystery capable of seducing millions of people. The most intrepid travellers ancian travel to Egypt to meet indisputable wealth that has this country such as its deserts and archeological treasures. The most visited tourist spot is the Necropolis of Giza. At Giza is the great pyramid of Cheops, which is one of the seven wonders of the world that is still in perfect condition. This structure, which was regarded as the highest in the world, during the 14th century, eventually built in 2570 BC The pyramid of Khafre was known as the great pyramid because it was believed that it was larger than Khufu, but it is only a visual effect, by placed in a higher level of the plateau. However it is still a major tourist attraction.

Also is the pyramid of Menkaure or Mykerinos, this completes the triplet of the most important pyramids of Giza. The pyramid of Menkura, has currently lost part of its coating of granite and limestone stone. Without forgetting the great Sphinx, which is an important statue that is located in Giza. It measured 72 metres long and 20 metres high which was built in honor of Khafre, also known as Jafra. The step pyramid of Djoser, is something that tourists should not miss. According to archaeologists, this building was the prototype for the rest of the Egyptian pyramids. Egypt has been prepared to receive these tourists with cheap and accessible hotels, in all areas attached to these monuments. Original author and source of the article