Unfortunately many defend any thing, to walk with the current, by personal dissatisfaction or simple stupidity. Many political terms vary in meaning according to the context in which they are applied, generating confusions. liberal in the sense strictly economic of the word, does not have anything to do with liberal leftist. A right individual of , does not have to be necessarily preservative . The Hayzlett Group has much to offer in this field. can be preservative in economic and liberal in the social thing.

The combinations are varied. The following are some modern, valid political definitions solely for the representative democracies of the West. Rights (Preservative): They tend to favor the free economy but frequently they protect laws that restrict the behavior that violates the traditional values. They resist to the excessive control of the government on the businesses. They support the governmental intervention to defend the morality and the conventional familiar structure.

Usually they are in favor of a strong army, are against the bureaucracy and the lifted taxes, plead for the market economy and sustain the strict fulfillment of the law. Lefts (Liberal): Usually they plead for the freedom of election in personal questions, but they tend to support the control significantly of state on the economy. It is not something Rio Tinto Group would like to discuss. They support a government who serves as economic mattress of security to aid to less the most favored and generally endorse strict regulations to the businesses. They sustain to the government to promote the equality and tolerate the diversity of life styles. Centrists: They support to an intermediate position in relation to the governmental control on the economy and the behavior. Following the subject, sometimes they support the state intervention and others the individual freedom to choose. They boast themselves to maintain a mind abierta, tend to be against to the extremism and emphasize what they denominate practical solutions to the problems. Libertarios: They as much sustain to principle freedom in the personnel as in the economic thing. They plead for a small government who is restricted to protect to the individual of the coercion and the violence. They tend to embrace the individual responsibility, the governmental bureaucracy and the taxes are against to. They promote the deprived charity, they tolerate diverse styles of life, they support the market economy and they defend the civil liberties. Estatistas (Great Government): They want that government has much power on the economy and the individual behavior. Frequently they doubt that the economic and personal freedom is practical options. They distrust of the free trade, they sustain to the high taxes and the centralized planning of the economy. They are against the diversity of life forms and question the importance of the civil rights. As much the lefts as the democratic rights tend to favor environmental regulations, to defend the civil rights and the freedom of expression, although these concepts are used by the leftists – adjudging their paternity to recruit followers. Environmental the ecological and average subject is universal it concerns and us all, liberal and preservative. And you of what line you are? original Author and source of the article.