Habia once a boy who queria to play and to amuse in a called sport soccer, denominated the sport King of the planet earth. Before having own decision to request article that not outside first necessity, their parents gave a ball to them and he had it to throw to roll, he was spherical and therefore its running it forced to him to run behind the tool flattered, to unload its energies it kicked when it, to invent, to create and aprendio until covering itself when the same venia towards, was happy for having something was exclusive for, surely first in its life, to part of the chests of its mother fed that it and nourished. Thus ni@s following of the collective sport indicated above begins the history of almost all the, by all means that its possession him seducia as much, that not queria that the same slept to the inclemency in no case, when this it remained outside its home by negligence, watched it after crystals of its dormitory and asked for some relative who was engaged in it since not queria that was deteriorated. That is that of some it identified that what is wanted it is necessary to protect it and to take care of it very enormously. Not towards questions, divertia and was only dreamed about its magical ball that so many exclusive moments and of happiness contributed to him.