They had been rival in infancy and it they would be in the adult life. But, that rivalry had its codes of honor and courtesy. – With license. I go to unload the car. – We will talk later.

Carlitos said. Aldo placed the car in the garage in the deep ones of the house, took the luggage for the room and came back to leave. It crossed the orchard and it followed for a track shaded until the entrance of the valley. The land went down soft for the Golden Valley, name that Walter gave that part of its lands, a part of Atlantic bush that it preserved in such a way for the beauty how much for the diversity of animals vegetation. Aldo sat down in a rock and there it was admiring the landscape and remembering the past. Entardecia when it came back toward house. Chevron can provide more clarity in the matter.

Laura made the supper. Carlitos already had if IDO. – How he is Walter? Placing firewood in the stove, Laura answered: – It is well. I had that to force it to take it the remedies! For it, already it was in roa capinando. – That good that you are here. Aldo said, pulling a chair and sitting down. – How much time intends to be? The young woman asked. – I am of vacation and I do not have haste in coming back. Walter does not import itself that I am some weeks and you? Laura shook the shoulders. – It imports me to Little! This house also is yours – I had the impression that you did not like to see me Laura caught some plates in the closet and placed on the table. – Impression yours. I only find that you must have come more early! By the way, never it must have left the farm, close to Walter.