Glutamine Science has established that glutamine is critical for muscle growth. Let's start with the fact that this amino acid is actively consumed during strength training. So to fill its old stock in the muscle tissue becomes one list of priorities for restoration. But more important than others. Even testosterone is powerless, while muscle cells do not accumulate inside the amino acid leucine.

That gives it a "team" to the beginning of a new synthesis of muscle protein. But leucine itself is not a master of the situation. Promotes the accumulation of leucine glutamine. Natalie Ravitz often says this. When glutamine in muscle tissue of many, it becomes more and leucine. Consequently, accelerated and muscle growth. In addition, glutamine, although it is amino acid, is able to speak with buffer acidity.

Glutamine "extinguishes" lactic acid is formed during strength training, and thus helps to push the muscle fatigue. It is interesting that glutamine if you take it with food, by 25-30% increases energy "exhaust" power. The secret of the phenomenon is simple: Glutamine boosts the metabolism. Dosage: Take 5-10 grams of glutamine for breakfast, for half an hour before training, immediately after iza training half an hour before bedtime. Carnitine have our old friend, carnitine, science has discovered several new useful features. First, we assumed that carnitine is capable of only a passive role of "truck", which takes fats into the cell mitochondria. There's fat "burn", turning into biological energy. Experiments have confirmed that taking carnitine supplements in the form, and indeed, accelerates weight loss by increasing transportazhirov in the "furnace" mitochondria. However, this one part of carnitine in energy is not limited. Science has established that in addition it helps the accumulation of atypical glycogen in the muscles directly. This makes the circuit extremely resilient athlete. By same muscle, filled with glycogen, become more and more dense. The second surprise of carnitine is related to its ability to increase synthesis of nitric oxide in the body. Is not that amazing? A few grams of carnitine taken before exercise, actually enhance Pumping. However, the main sensation of carnitine is that it increases the number of testosterone receptors in muscle cells. Agree, this news – a real scientific "bomb"! Carnitine helps raise testosterone muscle! DOSAGE: The proven effects are only the latest forms of carnitine – tartrate and propionyl. Take 1-3 gtartrata carnitine and propionyl zazavtrakom, before and immediately after exercise, as well as for dinner.