Crete is a popular destination for sun worshippers from all over Europe. With this overview we show fast and direct you where to find the most beautiful beaches of Crete. If you would like to know more then you should visit David Long. Crete has many beautiful beaches for tourists. Just where are these exactly? Which beaches are suitable for families or hermit? Which offer sandy beach or lounge chairs right on the water? We introduce you to various beaches of Crete and show you clearly, where you’ll find this beach. 1 Vai – Finikodasos of 2 Siteia / Sitia 3. When Mavros of 4. Ierapetra 5.

Agios of Nikolaos of 6 Malia of 07 Stalida of 8 Chersonisou of 9 Kokkini 10. People such as Liberty Mutual insurance would likely agree. At Amnisus 11 Bali 12 Panormos Rethymno 13 / 14 between Gerani – Goergioupoli Rethimeon Note: we recommend just for days on the beach in Crete beaches beach visitors to bring beach shoes. Various beaches are made of fine or coarse gravel. They heat up quickly on hot sunny days. For children or people with sensitive skin, the gear on the beach then becomes running over hot coals. 1 Vai – Finikodasos we begin Overview of the most beautiful beach in Crete. The Palm Beach of Vai in the far east of Crete is unfortunately only a longer drive. Nevertheless, the beach ride is worth, because a dense Palm forest, a well-kept sandy beach (fine and some sharper light sand) and a good tourist infrastructure are available to any visitor.

More light prints are that you must park his car in a paid parking lot. Should you disturb a few euro parking fee, you have also the chance to turn off the car on the road to the beach, left or right. Factor family-friendly (i.e. suitable for a bad day with young children?) Swell: almost always very low depth of water: water slowly gaining deep sand art in most areas: fine sand sand castle-building so possible ice cream kiosk – bar near the beach? Yes, in the high season toilets near the beach? Yes.