You must only apply these simple tips, or at least keeping them in mind in your appointments, you’ll see to apply some of them you will receive compliments like: Wow! How gentlemanly! Nobody is already! or less when a look of surprise and recognition. You do not consider these tips as become effeminate or delicate, it is more than add a cover of good manners to your Alpha male image. For example you see James Bond breaking necks with legs in one scene and in the next to a beautiful woman drooling by him and his chivalrous behavior. Some points of how to seduce a girl being a gentleman: 1. good hygiene is a must: don’t use only a bar of SOAP and think that this is hygiene.

Make sure you clean your whole body to bathe, do not let wax in your ears, shaved your facial hair, or at least keep it properly, that also includes the non-face, we don’t want that they carry is a bad image of you. If you apply deodorant or Cologne, don’t use too much. Also be sure not to use much gel for hair, is sticky and It might be not so nice. 2 Pay attention to how lights: wearing clothing that works for you, i.e. to look good on your body, forget the bright clothes or fad, an example tilted sideways or backward baseball cap worked well in the 80 s, tries to overcome this stage and seeks what is what works today. If you need help in defining your image check this link with secrets for this: click here.

3. A true gentleman is gentle with everyone, in words and actions: Please always present on how to help people. Wait a few extra seconds holding the door for someone who comes behind you but don’t know it. Offer to help the elderly and pregnant women.