With date 01 of the currents, is to published in the official bulletin of the State, resolution of the Presidency of the upper Council of sports, by which summon subsidies to the Spanish sports federations to carry out activities in the framework of international cooperation. To display resolution in full, visit the website listed at the bottom of this article. The Higher Council for sports, Organismo Autonomo, attached to the Presidency of the Government, is, in accordance with the Royal Decree 638/2009, modification of the organizational structure of the Presidency of the Government, and also Royal Decree 2195 / 2004 of 25 November, about organizational structure and functions of the Superior Council of sports and other provisions of the legal system about the General Administration of the Statedevelop policy in terms of institutional relations and development of international cooperation. In this context and in order to contribute to raise the own sports development and our neighbouring countries historical and cultural, facilitating mutual understanding and planning of the various treaties or agreements for international cooperation, and in order to extend to all the Spanish sports federations the principles of public advertising, competition and objectivity referred to in the order ECI/2768/2007 of 20 September, of regulatory bases of public in competitive concurrence scheme grantsthe higher Sports Council has resolved to convene this programme of aid destined to the Spanish sports federations, which comply with the requirements stipulated in the present resolution, to promote the realization of projects and programs that encourage sports cooperation in the international arena. Also the higher Sports Council considers it necessary that the federations Spanish sports beneficiaries of these grants, adhere in its operation to the principles of good governance in sport, that at the request of the Council of Europe, adopted the European Ministers responsible for sport. The first. The call object and scope of implementation.