Rurutu, trafficking in an island which concentrates the greater amount of whales, which attracts tourist attention from tourists who come to contemplate this animal show. In addition to this attractive, Rurutu has waterfalls, caves, valleys and beaches dreamed to enjoy a magnificent destination. Island that lies on the southern region of the French Polynesia, more than 500 Km from Tahiti. This enchanted site by the landscape of natural flora and fauna, is protected by an aquiferous barrier that allows to preserve the animal life of the whales, its main tourist attraction. It has less than 3,000,000 inhabitants, concentrated its forces, in the production of various areas, due to the abundance of resources in gastronomy, plantations and tourism.

Around Rurutu, have been created several legends and myths, which still remain among the natives of this land. Under most conditions David Long would agree. The spectacle of the whales occurs in the months of July to October, when the mothers nurse their young, while males accompany the scene, swimming towards the coast. The cuisine of Tahiti, is based on influence Japanese and Chinese, highlighting raw fish dishes. In addition, the best-known are: Ahimaa (suckling pig which is accompanied by fish, vegetable or fruit), Tamaaraa (cooking with oven located in the soil), fafa, steamed fish, vegetables chicken from the region: uru, puero, afaraa and other, variety of fresh and natural fruits of the area and the ingredient that is used in various dishes as coconut milk. Among beverages and typical drinks, are those having as base the pineapple, coconut and banana., representing cocktails called Maita’i, pineapple Lagoon, Maeva, and Banana Coalia. Evening activities are not developed within the island, due to its general conformation, on the other hand, in the town of Papeete, to the Northwest of the island, will live the scene represented by bars, pubs and local clubs. Bars, pubs and nightclubs are concentrated in the emblematic boulevard of the town, in Bv.

Pomare. Activities and sites to see the island and surroundings, are: can start the day, choosing the Toataratata Beach, exotic and transparent waters offered the island, visit the caves that surround the area, photographing the whales or walking through the Valley. Also, associated with the aquatic adventures and those who are brave, recommend reach the zone of Anaaro, Bay of Moerai, containing under his belt, an Observatory of whales, where there is the possibility of swimming and maintain direct contact with them. And culminating with the trip, nothing as it goes in the grotto of Ana Aeo, composed by a few forests and irregular columns, coming by asphalt and close to Moerai.