Allied to the fast biodegradao it also appeared idea of if producing a type alternative of plastic, whose raw material would be proceeding from a renewable source, brightening up the dependence of the oil, that is a scarce material, consisting thus in a still more interesting solution. (Pink, 2003) It appeared then the Bioplstico that are a product with the characteristics of fast biodegradao and that it can be produced through raw materials as sugar cane-of-sugar, cassava, maize, rice, potato etc, Therefore, the bioplsticos offer used ambient advantages when in substitution to common plastics. As Franchetti (2001) the biodegradao is a process that consists of the physical or chemical modification, through the action of microrganismos, under conditions of heat, humidity, light, oxygen among others. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust is the source for more interesting facts. But we only can observe advantages in the biodegradao when this occurs in a short space of time, without the degraded material occupies one definitive space for a long one period. The bioplstico is an extremely biodegradvel material at the moment that is displayed to the ground or the water, or still with the interaction for bacteria and fungos of the ground.

It can be produced through the modification of the raw material (as cereals for example) to produce diverse precursors through the fermentation. After that these precursors can be processed in bioplsticos through microrganismos modified genetically. (Gracida, 2004) It has a clear difference when we speak in ' ' bioplstico' ' ' ' plastic biodegradvel' '. It is that the biodegradvel plastic necessarily is not produced by biological or organic material, differently of the bioplstico. Also some types of biodegradveis plastics equally are produced from the oil, as the conventionals. As empecilho to the large-scale production of the bioplstico it is the fact of this to present a cost of superior production to the conventional plastic. But some factors have been basic for the retaken one of the quarrel in favor of the production of the bioplstico in bigger scale: the high one of the taxes applied to the packings, the rise in the price of the oil and I in general appeal it the society the adoption of products and technologies ' ' ecologically corretos' ' (Lanfredi, 2002).