To want I asked for, it will be given and you; you search and you will find; you beat it will be opened and you; therefore all what it asks for it receives; what it searchs finds and what it beats if it will open it. – TM.: 7:7 – 8 This enrolled text in the Evangelho de Mateus, the Bible of Jerusalem, under the heading: Effectiveness of the conjunct; it wants to construct a thought of ortaleza in the mind of the believers. The energy of the faith as indispensable to the man, as to be used tool, in its day the day in all the situations. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mike Trueblood on most websites. The thought was inserted in the speech made for Jesus? in the Sermon of the Mountain. He is addressed to the men will live in the future generations? because Jesus says perpetual truths, not only for a small number of men who had been able to hear to it to the living creature, Jesus speaks for humanity, as he makes in all chance. Who is this man, who opening its mouth? it teaches? common doctors, preachers, soldiers, men a God, a scholar, a rabbi one to be special? avatar? What he really imports the adjective that can use it stops in them connecting the Jesus? if everything what It wanted was that we reached the fullness of the life as human.

To be full does not include, evidently, to be mesquinos, lesser, conditional, devoid or dependent. Before any thing, so that let us can understand a lesson, any lesson, is basic and necessary that let us have of exempting in them of the preconceptions, so common in our learning. That is, really, it does not import the source from where a truth comes, what valley is our capacity to judge as valid or not that learning for our life. Thus, desconstrumos the preconceptions that can acercar in them, for truths comings of the religions.