Better business planning through the use of project management software CoPTrack in conjunction with ERP systems more efficiency in project management and business controlling through the use of project management solution CoPTrack and an ERP application, such as SAP. CoPTrack provides a bridge between one on projects and a view focused on operational matters. CoPTrack is a comprehensive, fully Web-based project management software. It is intuitive and easy to use despite its scope. Many ERP-systems (SAP, PSIPENTA, proALPHA, among others) provide a project management module for the planning and management of projects. However, it is also the project management solution, CoPTrack often benefit in addition to the ERP system to use. The benefits show up not only in the project management, but also in the operational controlling.

So, many steps are simplified due to integrated project management processes. It is an integrated project and resource management, available also for small orders. Project planning, controlling, collaboration and Integrated document management. A better quality of data available is for project managers, controllers, and management. ERP data can be used in mobile.

Information is detailed and timely for the operational planning and operational controlling, as well as for the consolidation of the operational data available. The structuring of a project from the perspective of project management is often not in accordance with the point of view of operational controlling. While project managers rather strive for a phase – or function-oriented approach, locate controller to split the project into cost objects and to assign cost centers and are interested in a hierarchy based on cost structures. The actions of project management focuses on project deadlines, whereas operational processes to periods are aligned. As a business solution, ERP systems to the needs of operational controlling are aligned. Project Manager and staff do need support, but the requirements of contemporary project management is sufficient. Project management resources, tasks, milestones, completion statuses and alarms if the plan is exceeded with flexible response options include the daily work, while budget, consolidated cost, purchase orders and invoices are typical information of an ERP system. CoPTrack provides a comprehensive solution for a modern project management and also for the business controlling of individual projects and project portfolios. The software offers the connection to the operational point of view. CoPTrack extended the corporate planning and control with a component for a timely and detailed control of the projects from the business perspective and a comprehensive and flexible project and resource management. Therefore, companies use both an ERP system and their functions to the operational planning and control as also CoPTrack for planning and controlling their project portfolios and as a source of their ERP systems. Get more information at