Let judgment – no Ciggy from the pharmacy had the businessman in the firm belief that do fly to Munich Airport a cargo E-cigarettes nothing unlawful. The show was promptly confiscated and acknowledged with a procedure for possible breach of the medicines Act. That the procedure was discontinued after year and electric cigarettes have been returned to their owners, but could not calm the entrepreneur: according to own statements, he had to get over a loss of almost 100,000 euros due to long storage of smokeless cigarettes. The substance of propylene glycol in the debate is whether the supposedly healthier replacement cigarette now obtainable be a particularly hot topic or not. The administrative court but saw no drug in the additive for food and appreciated also the necessary inhaler not as a medical product.

The clear conclusion of the Bavarian lawyers (REF.: 18 K M 12.5432): the E-cigarettes, which along with an evaporation liquid nicotine is inhaled, is also still not covered under the medicines Act and remain in free trade. A major setback for the State, but a satisfaction for the relevant dealers, which would be broken away a very lucrative market in the event of a contrary judgment: In Germany alone, the number of those who meet their nicotine needs beyond the electronic relatives of the traditional cigarette, is estimated at nearly two million people. They should have thought the Ciggy smoke-free for a long time out of hand if the Munich administrative court would have been a different decision and would have regarded the cigarettes as medicinal products requires. The result would have been an elaborate and expensive approval procedures. And a long time, until the first E-cigarettes on the pharmacy shelves would surfaced. Whether the free sales prospects of coveted cigarettes but duration is difficult to predict, especially since the European Commission on a tougher regulation of sale Nicotine replacement products, and this includes also the Ciggy include for example, patches and chewing gum is. A draft that the permit requirement in the law of the respective nicotine medicines should be subject to. It is so exciting just like the question of whether the E-cigarette to count is due to its nicotine content and despite the smoke-free tobacco products. Because this question was not to answer the Chamber in the Munich dispute.