Everything stops if you aren’t present? Nobody does anything on your own? Each time and when you are looking for so that you help them or make their work? Do however hard you work, your business has stopped growing? And ask yourself what happens if you are doing everything right? Look again in the previous question, the answer is in bold and underlined. So it is, you’re doing everything and without darte account has ceased to be mentor to become a nanny. This happens when and how? When don’t allow each of your affiliates or partners do the work where it belongs, despite having the necessary knowledge. When cimientas fear that do their job poorly or not as well as you would do it. When you have no confidence in their skills, talents and abilities. When you judge instead of advise that it makes them insecure partners.

When you don’t allow their process to pass and pass by them since you’re afraid to be out of business if something does not like it. When you gave your list of prospects and you did the rest of the work. When don’t allow having their own experiences. When you not cgates your team and only want recognition for you: – thou art he that speaketh nicer – thou art which knows everything – it is you that does it all – you’re the best. If more than one of these points happen with your organization, gives him assured that you’re babysitting. And that ain’t the worst thing when you want to give freedom and start to walk and experience for themselves, you will look like the bad guy, think you’re selfish because already aid them as before. By wanting to do good things have started yourself to destroy your business, since sooner or later they end up bouncing, because they got used to make them all or have very low self esteem and don’t believe to be able to do it alone. So Remember, mentor is the person who guides, help shape, and teaches what he knows to another, so this learn and apply it. In the network marketing or MLM it is essential to have a mentor but more indispensable is doubled (teach others what they have learned), since that is the success for your business, if you do not have freedom never and will not get very far. Always analyze your business and carries out a plan of action with your partners and that it is written commitments that each one and always remind them work as a team, since it is the only way to achieve their goals and targets faster.