We began this article correcting the title because there Marketing without resources, and that creativity is the first marketing resource to be used and does not have any economic cost. Here are some points to consider when there is a budget and need to grow much less sell, think about marketing Keep a record of good ideas, discuss what products / services are more marketable, plan promotions for future use and in conjunction with Advertising consultant (you can ask if you have an idea, the better!) Focus on your market target only a specific audience: if you think your product / service is for anyone, consider whether a child under 10 years is the target ideal for your business. Probably not: the target of McDonnalds are the parents of the boy, who can buy their products. * Establish a niche and concentrate on it will greatly increase your chances of bringing his message to the right audience *. Develop Your Brand Create new services and products. Update them.

Protect were registered. Make sure your clients and "prospects" learn of these developments. Keep your unified image: use the same brand and color from your business cards to your website. Your customers should identify and differentiate * * of any other company, and its brand is one of the roads. Establish a budget much invested in advertising their products and services? Define how much you can invest is key to find alternatives and new options. There is a theoretical rule that says that 30% of the profits must be reinvested in development and advertising.

We believe that the minor is profitability, more should be invested in advertising to change the situation. * Do not promoted because there is little profit * is one of the most common mistakes that small businesses make before falling into a pit usually unrecoverable. Take the propaganda One of the best forms of advertising is to give a good service: it is real that a satisfied customer will recommend at least three new clients and * the key is quality in customer *. The There are many tricks old tricks "marketers" do not go out of style: A phone "easy" to remember and if I can use numbers such as alpha-SOLUTIONS 0800 or 5555-5555. Putting 1A in the classified ads to appear first or last, or ZZ to appear right. Black frame with white ad space reduces the economic ad even grouped visually separates it from the rest. Before advertising, analyze the environment in which published its notice, remember the criteria of position and exposure time (be careful with this!). Creativity is the action and Marketing is the route. Knowing that does not always require large investments to get good results is the key to your business.