In passed the people they had to accept the state of its dental health, because many did not exist ways to treat the teeth, but today are possible since they exist clinical specialized in aesthetic odontolgy that are to their disposition in order to give the smile him that you always have wished. The odontolgy is a medical specialty that dedicates to the study delo teeth and encas and to the treatment of its ailments. Two great dental groups exist: the group previous, formed by the incisors and the canine ones, and the later group, made up of premolares and molares. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, each tooth has a function. The incisors allow to cut foods, the canine ones help to tear and premolares is in charge of the crushing.

The smiles today in day-day are very important then in our house we are different from when we are in our work where we must deal with the clients therefore it is necessary to have a pretty smile that shows confidence. Smiling I could say much to near a person. Ace people whom it does not like to smile because pension that his smile is ugly now they can solve that problem, because today many dental clinics in Seville exist specialized, with diverse services so that, you have the pleasure to return to smile.