Glass Cipher – fresh news design. Serbian designer Demyan Stankovic (Damjan Stankovich) introduced the world new and unusual invention of glass Cipher. The inventor claims that this glass is able to recognize drinks. Principle lies in the fact that the pixels on the glass can change its colors depending on what kind of drink is poured back. If a glass to pour juice, milk, cola or coffee, then it will be suitable inscription. Generally, in Recently, I was more surprised by these claims. I have no doubt that you are surprised, no less. I long could not decide – which sort of attribute this unusual glass: to design, art, or the news section of the 'Science and technology. " It seems our esteemed Demyan Stankovic – designer, but a complex machine made! And on 'Smart skillet' Have you heard? Japanese scientists have worked hard to create a PAN-ET541, which establishes special temperature for a certain type of products and has many other unusual features and unique design. Let us wish success to our scientists, designers, and will wait for something new