The success of an organization depends on its customers. Without customers there is no business, it is the part that engages the mechanism of supply and demand… If not meets the needs and desires of customers the Organization will have an ephemeral life. All strategies and efforts should be directed towards the satisfaction of the client. The service is provided and products may be of excellent quality but without buyers will sell anything and therefore the company ceases to exist. Today the situation has changed dramatically. The pressure of the supply of goods and the goal of all managers must be understand customers, that the good that it intends to commercialize can be adjusted to your needs to meet him. Then some definitions client: is the most important person in the business.

We depend absolutely on everything from customer. It is acquiring a product or service by a monetary exchange. It is a human being with feelings and emotions and not one sale. He is a person who brings their needs and desires. It is deserving of the best care.

It is the life of business and no business without a customer. The quality of customer care creates new customers and maintains the fidelity of the ancients. This is achieved when excellence in care exceeds expectations, to give him more than I expected. If you want to implement a good service for their customers, follow these recommendations: 1. the mission statement of service to the customer. 2. Create indicators to measure service that provides. 3. Design a systematization of the steps to follow in providing service to their clients. 4. Periodically evaluate the service that you are offering your customers. 5. Create system of responsibilities and rewards for all its personnel, according to the statement of the Mission of service to the customer. The customer is the raison d ‘ etre of the business.