We try to give us a series of explanations in this regard. The problem isn’t in my partner, nor is denial, but it lies at the very root of my way of understanding love. The love of the couple and the relationship as a couple, are not phenomena or equal circumstances. The ways of expressing love can be different, destructive, constructive, dependency, humiliation, aggressive. One of the ways of love is to be addicted to this.

On the other hand, it seems that the addictive relationship they are trying to fill needs and deficiencies, which have nothing to do with the couple. If you find yourself living a relationship like this, in which you can not let go of a destructive love, surely are going through an addictive behavior to love. Yes you are able to pass over you, tolerate abuses, heartbreaks and indifference, and even so, still believing that you love your partner and that you not do without it. You perhaps are tucked into a relationship with addictive characteristics, which causes a immense suffering in your life. What are the characteristics of an addictive love then? Obsession: be constantly thinking, feeling and loving a couple who certainly does not suits you.

Return to us irrational: wanting the couple to cover us all and all the time, otherwise, we suffer intensely. The requirement: or love me or love me, or I love you or I love you, otherwise I can’t do anything else with my life. Strong emotional dependence: life, affection, wellbeing and discomfort are centered in what happens to me and is happening around my love and my partner. Incomprehensible jealousy: not tolerate that the couple nor I have a life of its own. Us turn suspicious of everything. We follow him, we questioned it, we always have doubts of their behavior. Idealization: only this couple we can give what we need, in addition, that I am the only person who can love him or love it as you need.