More and more banks have free checking accounts and the services are getting better the free checking account is nowadays almost self-evident and therefore hardly a mention value. In the mass of free checking accounts to be able to stand out, banks must offer much more. The beginning of the German made credit Bank, which has made a virtue out of necessity (to have no own ATM network) and gives each customer a credit card with which the customer worldwide free of charge can obtain cash at any ATM. Some banks (E.g. comdirect, 1822 directly, Volkswagen Bank) jumped on this bandwagon, but only so far were free to offer this service, which have a corresponding, monthly payment and thus interesting customers include. In the summer of 2010, also this hurdle of the monthly money input rationalized away the comdirect and is thus even more to fed offer of the German credit Bank.

Other banks shy away from the very expensive trick about the credit card world the customer free cash to gain. Since the average citizen to 99% apart cash in Germany, the banks to concentrate on Germany and looking for ways to provide the customers with cash cost in many places here. The Postbank tried this about a cooperation with the Shell petrol station group. There, customers of the Postbank in many Shell stations can one free withdraw money and save to another even when refueling. What many bank customers do not yet know that REWE also helps especially the banks without a branch network, because who makes a purchase of more than EUR 20 at REWE, can get free cash at the box office with the debit card. But that’s not all.

Nowadays, customers receive for a free current account with promotions starting credit by banks or higher interest rates on the day money account, if the account is used as a salary account and the employer transfer the monthly salary on the account. In this contest for customers, there is only one winner-> US bank customers. But of course only if you can sometimes change the old checking account and takes advantage of the good deals. Frank Madden