Tropical breezes, bright blue waters, pristine beaches resorts and beach resorts are calling again. Learn more at: Leo Schachter Diamonds. This year, as the women prepare to escape to sunny locations, choose the right clothing to the vacation trip is quite similar to travel into the past. With a nod to the glamour and femininity of the 1950s, beachwear for 2011 is decidedly retro, in the most charming manner. Very influenced by the New Look of Chrisitian Dior introduced in 1947, the fashion for women of the era focused on stress shapes and curves of the female body, being the most iconic designs notched waists and full skirts. The abundant use of fabric was something impressive, taking into account the austerity that lived the world because of the war in the immediately preceding decade.

Even so, women were ready to get rid of their shoulder pads and suits of tailor in exchange for an ideal soft and delicate. In short, was the perfect time for women to feel and it would be exquisitely feminine again. Listening far away this time of ethereal beauty and grace, the retro beachwear for this season includes beautiful summer dresses, swimwear with spectacular shapes and bold accessories that recall the charm and the understated chic of Audrey Hepburn, as well as the casual and fresh appeal of Esther Williams. The revival of this distinctive style period coincides perfectly with the summer season. Summer strapless dresses and gowns from beach with thin strips securing in Halter style or cross on the back, are the most typical models this summer. Designed to accentuate the curves of women, these beautiful dresses have full skirts and the carved bodices of yesteryear, sprinkled with polka dots and vibrant floral patterns, with pumpkin standing out roses. You can not pass over without also noting the patterns to scratches that often come in nautical as the red white and blue colors or always sophisticated palette of black and white. Costumes bathroom, takes his influences of summer dresses, offers something of sensuality without insinuating too.

One piece swimsuit dress will be an important trend in this summer, these retro styles are more structured than most recent and exhibited important details as well belted waists and fabric hanging to form a kind of skirt in the front of the costume. Others offer full short skirts, usually with pleats. Moles appear here once again, as well as some solid colors such as black, white and in general all the clear shades. Combine these dresses and costumes of bathrooms with accessories is an important task and achieved very good since there is also a wide range of accessories reminiscent of the glamour of the 1950’s. Sunglasses, for example, are one of the most classic ways to give a really expressive touch to an outfit, the retro styles of this accessory includes large frames and plastics particularly in colours white, black and colors as well primary as well as the Cat’s eye sunglasses with their traditional and graciosa tilt in corners. The carapace of a turtle for sunglasses also makes his return year. Of course, any outfit of this era would be complete without a hat and high heels. This possibly explains the resurgence of hats, they either straw or facts of soft and printed fabrics. Additionally, nothing is so attractive in conjunction with skirts full of summer dresses like high heels, especially some sandals of strips. For women who really enjoy celebrating her femininity with a retro summer clothes retro resort has it all.