Why we must stop us observe it, embrace it and make it feel that we are there, next to it, even in the distance; that matters to us; that it is valuable for us. Only in this way, will return you the most beautiful feeling that, since our conception us impregnated; the feeling that provides peace and tranquility in the difficult moments of life; which contains us; which minimizes the pain; He makes us to fight for our dreams and ideals; but above all, teaches us to give without asking anything in return: love. Mother mother is a woman who interlaced his hands with the beloved man, who surrendered in body and soul to form a wedge between the two. Can anything more beautiful there be? A mother, is a woman who has something of God by the immensity of his love, and a lot of angel by the tireless application of their care. Can more full delivery there be? Our mother, who can read in the depths of our soul, with a look is a woman who, if it is inadequate in their knowledge, discovers the secrets of life with more success than a wise man, and if she is educated, imbued as anyone of the candor and the need for his son. Mother is a woman who, being vigorous, trembles with the cries of the fruit of her womb and still weak, knows covered if necessary with the bravura of a lioness.

Is there anything more admirable and worthy of admiration? Our mother is a woman who, perhaps few things to teach us, but those that we learn are ones that mark the meaning of our lives. Is there anything more venerable? The mother, is a woman with a power so great, only she is capable of deleting the spirit of their children, the sad feeling of orphanhood. Is there something more noble? And finally, mother is a woman with a destination and so inescapable vocation, even God himself wanted to feel the warm thrill of need one. Can we find in this miserable world something bigger and more beautiful at the same time? Our mother, only one thing is that often we have to lament, and is to leave us until we realize that we have been so selfish, that we have not had time to return only a small part of his sacrifice, his permanent delivery and the infinite love that she gave us. Only when we lose it, we feel guilty, we feel helpless and hopelessly orphans. Luckily, the Supreme doer, only gave us one. Nobody endure the pain of losing twice.