To deny job, to act with preconception at the moment of the election, to complain of the lack of professional qualification and to discriminate during the admission process they are situations that portray the profile of the empregabilidade for people well with deficiency in Brazil. ' ' law of cotas' ' (Decree 3298/99) she has been relegated as the plain one, while the law prevails of each one for itself, of the preconception and the discrimination. This constatao easily is identified by the institutions that they deal with the empregabilidade of the people with deficiency. It is truth that on factors to the preconception and the discrimination are not the only ones, but certainly contribute of decisive form for the alarming number of people with deficiency dismissed in our country. The descumprimento of the laws can be explained by the privatized notion of the right that the Brazilian possesss. Here, the people have always some personal justification to burlar or to disregard the laws.

The necessity of each one is above of the rule of law and therefore, the laws so are disrespected. Thus thinking, the employers and professionals of the empregabilidade sector find that the legislation and the fiscalization of the work are unjust, therefore do not take in account its personal or enterprise problems. This form to think and to act is contradictory, since the law of the quotas exists to protect all the social systems, enclosed here. Companies, employers and its chairmen. Unhappyly, in our society, still it is habit to only think about the punitive character of the law and to use the Brazilian celebrity jeitinho to run away from its fulfilment. Exactly those that fulfill the law of the quotas, to a large extent make it with ideals Same those that fulfill the law of the quotas, to a large extent make it with filantrpicos ideals and not for having of citizenship.