Larger manufacturing facility in Viana do Castelo served demand for environmentally friendly components to reduce pollution and diesel cold-start technology. Auburn Hills, Michigan, 17.09.2013 BorgWarner built a new plant in the industrial area of Lanheses, Viana do Castelo, Portugal, located approximately 50 kilometres from the currently rented production plant in Valenca is. The construction was carried out in August 2013 and is to be completed by 2014. The new, larger and ultramodern buildings covers a production area of 15,000 square meters with adjacent space for future expansion. BorgWarner able efficiently to supply customers with many environmentally friendly technologies is using the larger production capacities. For example, exhaust gas recirculation cooler include (EGR cooler) and EGR pipes, as well as control modules of glow plugs for modern engines with reduced emissions. BorgWarner expects global growth with EGR systems of 21.2 million units in 2013 to 33.3 million by 2018. The investment in Portugal allow BorgWarner, to expand its market-leading position in EGR technologies in Europe and to serve the growing demand with various AGR products for passenger cars and diesel trucks”, says Brady Ericson, President and General Manager, BorgWarner BERU systems and BorgWarner emissions systems.

The need for advanced diesel cold star technologies drives our business in Europe in particular, where 2014 enters the Euro 6 standard in force.” The construction of the new plant in Portugal is part of BorgWarners strategy, to expand the production of its diesel cold-start technology and at the same time to meet the growing demand for currently produced at the site of Valenca EGR technologies. The company plans to relocate the current production do Castelo Viana gradually by early 2015. About BorgWarner Inc. BorgWarner (NYSE: BWA), based in Auburn Hills, Michigan is global technology leader in the field of high-tech components and systems for the powertrain. The company operates manufacturing and technical Facilities at 57 locations in 19 countries and developed products to reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and increase performance. Customers include VW / Audi, Ford, Toyota, Renault / Nissan, General Motors, Hyundai / Kia, Daimler, Chrysler, Fiat, BMW, Honda, John Deere, PSA, and you. For more information see

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