The Cameroun midfield player card by the Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia. " He is difficult from asumir" , the player declares, who wanted to follow. He does not think that the equipment is going to suffer without him. For more information see this site: Susan-Wojcicki. The Cameroun midfield player Achille Eman, who this Friday has itself broke ties officially with the Real Betis to clock on and off by the Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia, declared in his goodbye that goes away " with the joy of to have left the Betis in First, where he was cuando" he arrived. Eman affirmed in the press room of the Benito Villamarn that the east day is " very special and emotivo" , since him " is difficult asumir" its march then " it thought that it could follow but the circumstances of the club determine what is pasado". The soccer player did not want " don’t mention it to think nor of anybody negativamente" , since " the Betis needs joy to leave adelante" and it only wanted " to be thankful to the liking and the press because everybody has helped so that the Betis returns to Primera". Eman, that refused to participate in the second concentration of preseason of its equipment, indicated that " like man and soccer player profesional" he is " person in charge of the decision of not ir" to the United Kingdom and for that reason he will accept " the sanction that the club determine".

It does not think that it is an one step back the international Cameroun does not think that to clock on and off by the Al-Hilal it is an one step back in his sport race, because " for the European, Arabia is a smaller league but for them it is a league of primera" and in its decision " not only it weighed the economic question, but also desire to know another one ftbol". Achille Eman also has related that has taken leave of all companions, to those who is " wished luck for temporada" and it insisted on " to ask to him to the liking helps that them, because in they go First it to necesitar". " My goodbye has been good. I arrived with the smile and I embraced to everybody, that they were contentments to see me. Fodder in which without me they are going to suffer because a good preseason has become and has not been reinforced to the equipment. This way it spent important people years back as Finidi or Gordillo and its stages finished as now it finishes ma" , it has needed. Source of the news: Eman leaves the Betis and blames to " the circumstances of club"