Discover tips to get married on the beach and have the most original wedding! If you’re thinking about a different option to celebrate your wedding or marriage, an ideal alternative is to organize it on the beach. The first thing you must choose is a very special place. There are numerous beaches all around the world and in many beautiful, in Venezuela, where you could realize your dream. The ideal is a place where you can make your wedding or marriage to air free, which count with view to the sea and having at disposal facilities enabling you to subsequently celebrate with your family and friends. If you plan to take advantage of the sunset, the beach must have view West in order to take photos with the sunset, you can be sure that they will be spectacular. There are couples who choose hotels or resorts on the beach that allow them to do in a Garden ceremony and reception in a Hall and still can take photos at the beach.

As for the bride costumes, choose a dress or costume of white color preference. This color is usually associated to the beauty of the seascape and gives a touch of freshness. If colors you use for your dress is that they are pastel colors. The wedding dress should be comfortable and without much brightness. Preferably without so many applications. Your wedding dress can be short or long. If it is preferably long up to the ankles.

As footwear you choose super comfortable sandals, especially without heels. If you like informal can do it barefoot. You can use a long ceremony veil, then we advise you to pick it up to be comfortable. But it will be much more practical to wear it short from the beginning. Preference is not recommended because you will have to drag it by the sand which is not easy to use wedding dress with tail. Sand adds weight extra and will be tedious to load with dress. If you would like to use, ideal is that of those detachable tails or you have a snap to pick up as much as possible… It carries a bouquet or bouquet of flowers white or of color, preference for fresh, not artificial flowers. Do not use many jewels, perhaps some cute earrings you fit. Your hairstyle or headdress can be collected, in mono or simply loose, can that be look to the wind, but remember that if there is much wind would good a good monkey to exit not dishevelled at the photos. Do not use a shiny or very heavy make-up, remember that naturalness is the best companion on your big day, especially on the beach. You can opt for a good awning so that it cut the wind and also protect from the Sun, will be highly appreciated by the guests. Instead of carpet you can use red or white roses as part of the decoration. Remember to use Palm trees, candles, flowers and flowers for decoration, torches, citronella, colors Blue and silver, centerpieces with marine motifs like starfish, shells, fish tanks and flowers. Instead of arriving in car, you can use a van or opt to arrive on horseback. To exit to the hotel where you will spend your wedding night, can go in a jeep, boat or on a Jet Ski. These are alternatives for daring and desenfadados boyfriends. We hope you have enjoyed it! Source: EntreNovias.