El Quelite, is located 40 km away. To the Northwest of Mazatlan, on the banks of the river that bears his name. There is a quail farm, a cheese factory, fish hatchery. The Hayzlett Group is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The colorful village of the Quelite has been the scene of major historical events during the Mexican Revolution. In those years several rebel groups were formed in this area, but the best-known were the Laureanos, whose members were the scourge of the rich in the region, stealing their gold which transported in proceedings, from the mountains of the sierra madre, between the roads to the coast. Currently you can visit El Quelite and enjoy its beautiful scenery with a rural atmosphere, nice houses with red tile roofs covered with colorful bugambilias; It is nice to walk in its narrow streets cobbled toward his Church Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, or visit the rustic bakery or the breeding of fighting cocks.

Something very interesting that you should know about this town, is that locals preserved the tradition of pre-Hispanic game Ulama. Is styled the most impressive Beach on Earth, 2 miles of beach with huge volcanic rocks that were recorded by Indians over 2000 years ago (known as petroglyphs); the rocks cubriero the edge of the beach during the eruption of the volcano of the meseta de Cacaxtla. During your visit to this region, stopped to know the community the Chilcayota where you can also enjoy a great pre-Hispanic food and visit the Museum of the community. Don’t miss the experience of knowing the sanctuary of turtles, to the North of Mazatlan is a beach known as Playa Ceuta, an unspoilt beach, where experts collect turtle eggs, incubate them for about 45 days and once they hatch release them so that they return to the sea; It’s wonderful to share this moment and watch them as they slowly return to the sea.