Hello, I’m personal trainer in Barcelona. Some of my clients are professional sports and in this article I want to give you a few tips to drink during a party that requires maximum effort and performance. The main question is whether it is better to drink water or drinks water sports it is better than nothing and it is often suitable for training and competition in cold environments when the intensity of the match is low to moderate. However for intense games and competition, beverages containing carbohydrates and electrolytes (sports drinks) like for example (aquarius, powerade or isostar are superior in most of the studies done in football.There are several reasons why sports drinks are higher than water as rehydration drink during exercise. These drinks contain salts (sodium chloride) and carbohydrates (sucrose and glucose). When water is added to salts and carbohydrates improving transport in the intestine to blood in comparison where only water is drunk. Carbohydrates, of course, provide energy especially in the last moments of the match. Also, some athletes lose a great amount of salts by sweating and this salt has to be recovered if it is to stay hydrated.

In addition to improving the water absorption in the intestine, salt in a sports drink stimulates thirst through the brain and minimizes the formation of urine in the kidneys, thus improving the body’s ability to retain the body water. Finally, when athletes are warm and are normally sweaty they drink more than one drink that taste better than only the water. But not all ingredients are good. You must be careful with fructose since it should not be included in a sports drink that is slowly absorbed in the intestine and can cause discomfort and nausea when concentration becomes greater than 3-4%. The total concentration of carbohydrates in a sports drink should be 5-7%. Lower concentrations would not produce an improvement in performance and higher concentrations decrease gastric emptying and tend to cause problems gastrointestinal. Sodium is most important electrolyte sports drinks because it is which we mostly lose in sweat and which has more effect in stimulating the rehydration. Potassium, calcium, magnesium and other electrolytes are relatively less relevant in rehydration, but sports drinks include them at least in small amounts.