And everything to the orders of the spirit. It is necessary that we occur account of which as well as all our cells they form a unit, each person in the world is part of an all indivisible one. What it happens to him to affects us to one to all, whether we are conscious of it as if no. In our spirit also we are one. We share a divine origin, independent of our traditions and of the used semantics.

The soul tends to communicate and to be united with the creator, with its origin. This union is a basic necessity human, is what we called espiritualidad. Every day grows the number of people of all the creeds and countries that is conscious of this reality. A consequence of this one conscience is that the necessity is lost to use a instituzionalizada religion. These people meditate more, and tend spiritually to be realised of a form on the one hand more intimate personnel and, since they find a direct communication with the divinity in the personal oration and the meditation, and on the other hand socially more person in charge, since they find calmness and spiritual accomplishment in helping to others of different forms: either offering its time in activities voluntaries, or supporting different causes or studying ways to help most underprivileged. These people are conscious also that the religions different from which we know are like the different languages or meals: something to know, to share, to respect, and to learn of it, but something that must separate to us or define was not worth it of anybody.

I do not believe that no religion is going to disappear because it is going to be suppressed, but because possibly they will become superfluous. Just as the necessity to live in a cave or the one to take care of of the fire of the tribe, we will surpass the necessity to profess a religion, when developing a rich and much more authentic espiritualidad. When all we remember our divine origin, and we learn the form to connect directly with the creator (independent of we call how it) then we will have found what our souls walk looking for. We are growing like human species, and soon we will arrive at the equivalent of an adult independent and responsible, being able to know and to use the authentic one to be able that it defines to us: the love. I am conscious that watching newspapers and the reporters, and seeing as is the world, my words sound utopian. But I create firmly that this process is like making reforms in a house: everything goes to worse and is a chaos until the improvement is seen. Still there is much dark and negatividad that to clean and to remove to the surface. A Good cleaning is necessary before the new reality can take form. Meanwhile, to maintain trims to us in our intention in the life and our essence will help to anchor the landlords of the new life to which we went. Helena Aramendia. Minister Ordenado Interconfesional.