Do you need to be able to be located outside of your own thinking and? his feelings for a successful connection with their Los Angeles and their spiritual guides, that most of the people there make use of channelers, to get contact with the spiritual side. the channelers are capable of turning off their consciences and subconciencias temporarily, which allows it to receive any kind of information that comes from the spiritual area, if the aim is to speak with the angels or guides of any person in particular, channelling will know where to go to get that contact, regularly a channelling also can contact with any entities, either deceased or living people that is not possible to locate by X or and reason. But if what you want is to reinforce a relationship and located at the point where owns a relationship very intimate with their los angeles and archangels, simply must make the decision that that what is really desired, and work on it, all aboslutamente all humans have the ability to reach them, to listen, to hear them and see them alsolo What happens is that not all have their senses awake psychic, and that makes things, if you have the time and necessary discipline, as achieved in a short time. This meditative exercise was perfected over time and in view of the needs of my audience who was always so needy for that brotherly connection with their los angeles more personal, thank you with all my heart I give to my own Divine messengers, Angels and archangels who have always been there to respond to the needs of humans, especially for those helpless and lonely people, who many times do not have on hand the ability to clearly see their own ways of life, I have learned over the years that angeles los messengers have a wonderful and joyful Guild for taking care of us, protect us, encourage us, and be our floor at times critics…I never tired of thank you for all the wonderful help that I have received in life, part of my beloved daily companions of my los angeles and archangels.