You are with face of who you slept this night badly. Douglas said me when I entered in the office. Hear from experts in the field like Brian Armstrong for a more varied view. I sat down in front of the table of it and answered: – Lately I have had strange dreams – Nightmares? – Not, they are not nightmares, only dreams, however, dream always with a woman. – Who is it? – I do not know, I never do not know and vi. – And you are worried about this? – Not, not very. – It is certain why already I made reserve of one room for you in a Green Gold hotel. You have that to go for there, to talk with the proprietor of the land that we go in them to buy.

When you to make right telephone me to everything. – It is to house necessary me in a hotel? – I find that yes. These things delay some days, in addition, if everything to give certain you already can provide a constructor. It makes everything that has that to make not to have that to come back another day there. I walked to the side of a young woman wearing light, bluish fabric a dress.

We walked for a narrow street and soon later we go up a staircase and we arrive at a square where it had tents repletas of merchandises. A small multitude transited that way, some people used turbans in the head. The young woman stopped in one of the tents and I lost suddenly it of sight. When waking up, I looked for to remember the feies of it, but I did not obtain. The room of the hotel was sultry, arose and April the window, leaving the air of the morning to air the environment. Looking at for it are, I had the impression of that already it knew the city, however, had the certainty never to have been in Green Gold.