The example of this has the recycled materials, oreflorestamento and the use of biocombustveis. In 1997 the Rio+5 at a time happened where the maiorpreocupao was the global heating and its objective age to minimize with urgnciao heating. In this proposal the Protocol appears of Kyoto, a document in queos rich countries had assumed the commitment to diminish the estufana emission of gases atmosphere, mainly the CO. This appears mainly for two grandesmotivos: The fsseis fuel burning (oil for the industries and carvopara the automobiles) and the forest fires. In the year of 2000, the document would have to be ratified ecolocado in practical, but U.S.A.

had not signed. Other great countries poluidorestambm had not signed on account of this position. Brazil, however, foipioneiro, for its preservation politics and mainly for its interessesnos carbon credits. With the time, as basic partners for this process, the ONGs (ALONE Atlantic Bush, WWF, Green Peace) had certified the society epressionaram the authorities. Some countries had adhered and the protocol passed to aviger in 2005 with validity up to 2012, however U.S.A. had not yet signed, quecaracteriza a great which had problem, the influence generated for the country.

in January of this year was concluded the conference of Bali, was determined that in three years new document will be made negotiations for the elaboration deum that will substitute the protocol of Kyoto in 2012. In this way many events had given force for one novomodelo of consumption. With the concept of sustainable development adequacy and ambient qualification appear mtodosde. AMBIENT MARKETING With the study of the profile of the customer the one that if intends alcanarobtm the ecologically conscientious consumer. After that planejaro is necessary /servi product o on the basis of its especificidades, thus looking for, takes care of necessity of the customer, its yearnings and to satisfy it the maximum. Valrio (2005) appraises Ambient Marketing as: A modality that it aims at to focus the necessities ecologically conscientious deconsumidores and to contribute for the creation of sustainable umasociedade.