Agricultural Marketing Agricultural marketing can be defined as a series of services involved in moving a product from the point of production to the point of consumption. Therefore agricultural marketing includes a series of interconnected activities ranging from production planning, growing and harvesting, packaging, transportation, storage, processing of agricultural and food products, distribution and sale of them. Such activities can not take place without the exchange of information and often depend on the availability of adequate funding. Marketing systems are dynamic, competitive, and represent a change and continuous improvement. Businesses that progress are those with a lower cost, more efficient, and can offer quality products. Those with high costs, do not adapt to changing market demand and offer poor quality, often are forced to withdraw from the market.The marketing should be directed to the consumer at the time must provide a benefit to the farmer, transporter, dealer, processor, etc. This requires that those involved in the supply chain understand the needs of buyers, both in terms of product and business conditions.