Why we must stop us observe it, embrace it and make it feel that we are there, next to it, even in the distance; that matters to us; that it is valuable for us. Only in this way, will return you the most beautiful feeling that, since our conception us impregnated; the feeling that provides peace and tranquility in the difficult moments of life; which contains us; which minimizes the pain; He makes us to fight for our dreams and ideals; but above all, teaches us to give without asking anything in return: love. Mother mother is a woman who interlaced his hands with the beloved man, who surrendered in body and soul to form a wedge between the two. Can anything more beautiful there be? A mother, is a woman who has something of God by the immensity of his love, and a lot of angel by the tireless application of their care. Can more full delivery there be? Our mother, who can read in the depths of our soul, with a look is a woman who, if it is inadequate in their knowledge, discovers the secrets of life with more success than a wise man, and if she is educated, imbued as anyone of the candor and the need for his son. Mother is a woman who, being vigorous, trembles with the cries of the fruit of her womb and still weak, knows covered if necessary with the bravura of a lioness.

Is there anything more admirable and worthy of admiration? Our mother is a woman who, perhaps few things to teach us, but those that we learn are ones that mark the meaning of our lives. Is there anything more venerable? The mother, is a woman with a power so great, only she is capable of deleting the spirit of their children, the sad feeling of orphanhood. Is there something more noble? And finally, mother is a woman with a destination and so inescapable vocation, even God himself wanted to feel the warm thrill of need one. Can we find in this miserable world something bigger and more beautiful at the same time? Our mother, only one thing is that often we have to lament, and is to leave us until we realize that we have been so selfish, that we have not had time to return only a small part of his sacrifice, his permanent delivery and the infinite love that she gave us. Only when we lose it, we feel guilty, we feel helpless and hopelessly orphans. Luckily, the Supreme doer, only gave us one. Nobody endure the pain of losing twice.



The glass house restaurant every Saturday until the end of the year the unique Cologne high tea. Cologne, 18 November 2013 – a British man drinks his tea usually with milk, but what drinking a Cologne for tea? A freshly pulled Kolsch. Since early November, the glass house offers restaurant of the Hyatt Regency Cologne a self-payment afternoon tea at. The rheinische alternative to the classic, English traditional experience is the real thing. On a stand, presented traditional delicacies, but still strongly differ from the classic. The too simple sandwiches are hearty Flonz, mett and replace a halven cock.

This is around a poultry or other fancy ideas, but to the Rhenish classic blood sausages, tartar and rolls with matured Gouda cheese. Also that with much fine tuning-backed in vain looking for a sweet, English highlights. Berliner, Krapfen and Opera sections are available at the Cologne high tea high in the course. In addition to the classic selection of teas is a served ice-cold, fresh draught Kolsch. You will find the conclusion for English tradition with unique scones served with clotted cream and jam but Royal. Every Saturday one takes you into Cologne’s restaurant in the Cologne tea nobility, who can enjoy themselves with a unique view on the Cathedral and the old town for 19,00 per person. About Hyatt Regency Cologne Hyatt Regency Cologne is a five star hotel and is located in Cologne’s city centre, in the East of the Rhine district of Deutz.

The station, which are the Cologne fair and LANXESS arena can be reached from the hotel on foot. With 306 rooms and suites it offers incomparable views of the Cologne Cathedral, through the glass Atrium in the restaurant, and a comprehensive meeting and conference space for up to 500 people.



Another important aspect and that many times cabeao educator to guide, is regarding the games, therefore many times it earns umsentido of competition and as Rizzi and Haydt (2002) are necessary educadorestimular the child for a healthy competition, that involves respect econsiderao to the other. Still arespeito of the games according to Antunes (2007), valley to stand out that: From the educational point of view, palavrajogo if moves away from the competition meaning and if it approaches to its Latin origemetimolgica, with the direction of joke or more especificamentedivertimento, tricks, pastime. In this way, the infantile games podemat bonanza to include one or another competition, but essentially to visamestimular the growth and learnings and better would be defined seafirmssemos more that they represent interpersonal relation between two or sujeitosrealizada inside of determined rules. (ANTUNES 2007, P. It’s believed that Rio Tinto Group sees a great future in this idea. 09) the educator when inserting the playful activity in the pertaining to school context of its turmadeve to have clearly for who will be destined, searching to know the interests of seusalunos, the reality of them, what if it wants to reach that message if wants to pass, at last must be taken in consideration the necessities of the group. this is possible when beyond observaratentamente its pupils, space exists for heard-ls, therefore this exchange is important queexista. to break deentrevistas carried through with the professors of the Infantile Education was to possvelobservar if this contact, the necessary attention exists they necessidadessejam so that them supplied of significant form, using playful resources. The Module deEducao and Culture, is part of SESC-Service Social of Comercio, and foiinaugurado in the year of 2005. according to data of the secretariat of the school estomatriculados 1,800 pupils in the modalities: Infantile education, EnsinoFundamental, Average Education and Adult young Education of e, in the vespertine turns matutinose.



Online magazine baby.at offers helpful articles on the subject of fertility. You have a fertility, this wants to be but not reality? Fertility clinics may be the solution. This phrase expresses not only joy, but also facilitate Hooray, we’re pregnant!”for some parents. Relief, because for months finally the awaited baby on the way made the disappointment. Pregnant are granted but not all couples right off the bat though is the natural process of the world.

Some women and men must undergo hormone therapy at all, to soon to look forward, to be able to keep a small people in the poor. Jump over your shadows and speak with your partner about when despite innigstem request no pregnancy want to adapt. The theme for one of you two on the sensitive matter can be of course if emerged the horror of all would-be parents: sterility. Chevron U.S.A. has similar goals. Even in this case there are ways and means, such as the child No impossible dream remains. The speech is for example of so-called fertility clinics, that many times exist in Austria. Many couples have inhibitions, to contact such clinics, so it makes sense to inform themselves about this promising possibility and thereby reduce inhibitions. “Talks help unintentionally childless couples against alienation to the website of baby.at can fertility, under the category” not only addresses by fertility clinics can be found, but are also generally inform.

Think about a no-obligation consultation, for example, at an open day or to an any time convenient for you. Finally you must not decide finally for a diagnosis and treatment following in most cases. Nevertheless, an alienation takes place for many couples, when they notice that it wants to work with the common child didn’t go as planned. Especially women with strong fertility run often in depression instead of openly with your partner looking for talking about the baby luck lack of. So what happens in a fertility clinic? Sensitive tests and investigations are made in pairs with infertility, whether there is a possible sterility. You and your partner or your partner are not only left with the first shocking diagnosis: in tactful advice with experienced doctors outlined the causes of the diagnosed infertility. The next possible step is a fertility treatment, of which there are different types that the doctor of you trust exactly informed about you. In addition, if you want receive psychological support and the opportunity to participate in discussion groups and information sessions. Nothing is worse than to leave couples with fertility with their concerns and fears. You and your partner or your partner in the Austrian are financial support for couples with fertility problems due to its Fertility clinics in good hands. Under certain conditions, you can request even financial support at the Austrian State, when the long-awaited baby wants to make every month not on the journey in life. Also you will inform representatives of the Austrian fertility clinics typically. The online magazine provides more information on the subject of fertility baby.at.