It's no secret that not many people who like the Baltic states, there are tens of thousands of euros to buy an apartment in Vilyunyuse or at the seaside. Many people from the so-called middle class are buying the most inexpensive real estate in the Lithuanian countryside. What are the prices of such objects? For example, consider a two-bedroom apartment in the village. Located on the outskirts of the city Ionishkis. The village is situated near the highway Ionishkis-Zagare. On the car can drive up to a good home – asphalt.

First floor two-story house made of brick. Do not need to pay house management, absolutely no fees and taxes. Of communication there is no water, no sewer, but no problems connected to the central flat water and wastewater-tracks are close to home. The apartment has two rooms. Their area: 17.64 and 17.34 square meters. Kitchen also has space and it is good, the squares of 10.08, there is little hallway. The total area of 48.77 square meters of apartments. The new front door made of wood.

Still there is an emergency door in wood for the interior, but it is not placed in the doorway. In the house installed a new connection electricity. Apartment belongs to a storage room in the basement. And the price of the title is 3500 euros. This is the cheapest of the found options. Another example. Two-bedroom apartment just four or five kilometers from the city Pakroyis. The village is called Telshenay. The apartment is located on a high floor of a two-story brick house (poletazha below is a basement). Total area 55.67 sq.m. Squares Rooms: 15.83, 14.88. and 12.53 square meters. Kitchen about eight square meters. There is another small room adjacent to the kitchen and a small pantry. Furnace heating. Apartment needs repair. Utility bills, too, no, also there is absolutely no tax on the apartment. Price is also very low, with only 4000 euros. Thus, in Russia, selling used car, you can buy in Lithuania two-or even two-bedroom apartment in a brick house in outskirts of a small town.